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Resource Page - Watch the demo's & add these routines to your training!

Do This Routine Every Morning!

Helps maintain joint health and range of motion.
(Credit Dr. Andreo Spina)


Follow This Sequence BEFORE Workouts!

Row 5 min at an easy pace
3 minutes Locomotion Work:
30 sec Bear to Table Complex - Alternating
*Run through 2 times
3 sets:
20 sec Diagonal Stretch/side
Joint Specific Mobility Work (Ie: Front Rack Stretches, Ankle Stretches)
Workout Specific Movement Prep (Wallballs, Pull-Ups, Cleans, etc)



Follow this sequence AFTER workouts!

3 Min Slow Pace Bike/Row/Walk
PAILS/RAILS Sequence: Hips & Shoulders
1-2 breathing cycles
(Credit Wim Hof)

Click here to download a sheet with all this information on one page! 

More Routines!

Check here often for new pieces I'm working on.

Hip Rotation Movement Routine

Try this before or after your next squat session!

Wrist & Elbow Movement Routine

Here's a complex I created to help you restore some movement in your wrists and reduce tightness in your forearms and elbow. Perfect if your on a computer all day long.

Foot Care + Full Body Cool Down Routine

This is a sequence I made for some clients of mine who are alpinists. Rucking and climbing for 3+ hours at a time is rough on the feet and lower legs so I threw together a soft tissue cool-down to throw in after their long sessions.

Pistol Warm-Up Progression & Mobility Routines

Here are two sequences you can follow if you're looking for some simple pistol progressions or if you have some mobility limitations. Check the video descriptions for an idea of what and how many to do for each movement.