Thanks for your Purchase!

Check out the vids below for quick ideas on how to use your new kit!

Also, check below for some really easy and simple to follow warm up & cool down routines that you can add to your training.

Use the roller on any large muscle groups. Lats, quads, glutes, thoracic spine.

Use the hard ball on any hard to reach tricky areas. Such as your pecs, forearms, deltoids, traps, & glutes.

Use the peanut on your thoracic spine and to massage any of the spinal erectors. Take some deep breathes to sink in a bit deeper. 

Use the compression floss on almost any part of the body...except your neck :)
Choose a joint or muscle belly and start by pinning down with one hand and wrapping fairly tight. Overlap half the width of the band on each revolution. Wrap tighter around problem areas. Leave enough slack toward the end to tie down the final piece.Move the joint through a full range of motion in a flexing/pumping fashion. Remove after a couple of minutes.

Use the band for any static/PNF stretching, or joint distraction mobilizations. 

Click here to learn how to warm up and cool down!