Coach McG

Mike McGoldrick, 2013 CrossFit Games, Clean & Jerk Ladder


Mobility Kits was originally designed for my personal use during competitions. Through years of trial and error, I discovered the benefits of foam rolling, soft tissue work, and movement specific mobility. As a Fitness Athlete, I was looking for anyway possible to help improve my mobility and promote my recovery in between training sessions. It started with a foam roller, then I began using the peanut & hardball for the tricky and hard to reach spots. From there, I began using a stretch band to help with my tight hamstrings and shoulder mobility. Finally, using the compression floss is my go to during travel and any time I'm in a time crunch and I need to get some recovery work in for my joints.  Before I knew it I had several different items that could barely fit in my gym bag. Since they all have their very own specific use, I didn't want to leave anything out. 

One day I took it upon myself to design a roller that would contain all the items I found necessary for my self maintenance needs. 

Fast forward, and now we have an all inclusive kit available for you at a price comparable to what you can spend buying each individual item online. Since every item fits inside the foam roller, portability is at it's best saving you room in your gym bag. Perfect for a CrossFit athlete traveling to their next competition or for the distance runner heading to tackle their next race.

If you are looking for new ways to help increase mobility, and decrease pain, give the kit a shot. Spending some extra time on improving how you move is as equally important as the training program. Let Mobility Kits help. Check out the shop to see our products and training courses that has everything you need to improve your movement and mobility. 

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Mike McGoldrick