CF Games Open 14.1 Mobility & Recovery Tips

Power Snatch: Lot's of bending at the waste. The easier we can get into a proper starting snatch position, the less energy we'll waste. The tighter your hips are, the harder your lower back is going to work. This can be pretty uncomfortable doing power snatches for 10 minutes. Give these exercises a shot before you perform and see if you can notice any difference.



Recovery:Your calves are going to be taking a pounding on this one. Even more the less proficient you are at double unders. Jumping high and slamming into the...

Newsletter #8 "The Stick" Part 3

The Stick: Part 3

Using "The Stick" to help massage your hamstrings in a comfortable position.




P.S. We knew it was coming! The high volume box jumps are here this week. Use "the Stick" for warmup and cooldown on your

calves and shins. Make sure your twigs are ready and your'e doing everything you can to keep them healthy!

Newsletter #7 "The Stick" Part 2

The Stick: Part 2

Using "The Stick" to help relieve some patellar pain from improper squatting and running mechanics.




P.S. Are you doing everything you can to perform at your best? What's holding you back? Tight hips limiting your snatch pr?


Make a list of your mobility weaknesses and develop a plan on how your going to attack them. The same as you would for CrossFit movements/weaknesses. 

Newsletter #6 - The Stick Part 1

The Stick: Part 1

Overcoming those dreaded shin splints.


Start in an upright seated position.  Place your heel into the ground with your toe up. With the Massaging Stick on your lower shin, roll upward slowly while simultaneously lowering your foot back to the ground. Repeat 6-8 times per leg. 


Remember! The open starts next week. Are your calves and achilles ready for the upcoming beating they might receive? Try and start adding a little bit of volume to your training each week. Maybe some extra sets of double unders in your warm up or some bounding box jump practice. Just...

MK Newsletter #5 - Garage Games One Wrap Up & Tight Skin Around Your Achilles

Did you know that tight skin around your heel and achilles tendon could be contributing to poor ankle mobility?



Check out this video to see how Kelly Starret from MobilityWOD uses a simple technique with a lacrosse ball to gain upwards of 10 degrees in 

ankle mobility!