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Call Out Challenge! - Week 2 - Forward Wall Ball

Chest Forward Wall Ball

Once again, very similar to last week, we’re going to address a chest forward fault in a wall ball. 

First again, check motor control. Knees out, chest up, shoulders back and externally rotated.

Watch this vid to see how to fix it!
Quick recap:

Tight Ankles - Foam roll the heel cords, then hit the ankle mobs on the wall. Use a band this time. (go try and do a wall ball with ski boots on, same thing really....)

T-Spine - (Fix this first, Doesn’t need to be over extended, just flat)

Instead of covering shoulder flexion again as this doesn’t require as much as a front squat or overhead press, let’s work on some hip flexion (deep squat)

Hip Flexion - Lacrosse ball in adductors (High groin) & high hammy then hit the Birth Stretch on the wall for a stable set up.

-Thoracic Spine
-Hip Flexion


Remember to tag your buddies, clients, grandma and call them out each week! It's all good fun but you know you know someone who could use the help!


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