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Front Squat Nightmare!

If you've landed here it probably means you or someone you know is suffering from the chest forward fault in a front squat. Check out this vid to learn how to fix it!



Quick recap:
Check if it's a motor control issue by simply asking them if they can get their elbows and chest up. 
A lot of times, the set up is correct, which shows it's not necessarily a mobility issue, but stability. For example, I see moderate and heavy loads crush folks t-spine in the front squat all the time. Doesn't mean they aren't mobile enough to keep that position if they can get there in the first place. Some just need to learn to fight for a flat back, others however may not have enough shoulder flexion/external rotation to generate enough torque on the bar to get the elbows up and help keep the upper back upright.
...The ankles however, don't usually lie. If they tight. You're all out of wack. This throws your torso forward dumping the load onto your toes. Let's fix that! 
-Thoracic Spine
-Shoulder Flexion


Remember to tag your buddies, clients, grandma and call them out each week! It's all good fun but you know you know someone who could use the help!


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