Benefits of Tempo Lifts by Dan Pope

Here is a link to a great article from our friends over at Fitness Pain Free about the benefits of implementing tempo lifts into your training. 


In case you aren't familiar with tempo lifts below is a video of me performing some tempo strict press.


The numbers 5 1 X 1 Are in this order.

5 - The first number = The eccentric of the movement, or lowering of the weight to the earth, or the lengthening of the muscle

1 - The second number = The pause/hold or time before changing direction

X - The third number = The concentric portion of the lift, in this case X means as fast or explosive as possible

1- The final number = The pause/hold or time before changing direction again. In this case it's more used to gather a breathe of air.


*It's sometime difficult to remember what each digit means and how long to perform the lifts. A quick way to remember is the first number is almost always the lowering of the weight. 


Here's an example:

Bench Press @ 40X1, start with arms locked, lower the weight for 4 counts, 0 sec pause, Xplode out (perform the press) as fast as possible, 1 sec pause (take a breathe). That's one rep.

Another question people have is where to start the lift as some movements are different. In my opinion, it doesn't matter as long as the setup is safe and you finish back where you started.

For example:

Chinup @ 32X4, Starting at the bottom of the chinup or hang (this would be the 2), Xplode up afap (perform the chin up), hold chinup for a 4 count, lower for a 3 count, that's one rep.


For the same tempo, you may start with your chin above the bar in the hold and begin the lift. As long as you end there for a full rep. You wouldn't have to do the 4 hold again, just stop after you perform the chin up (X portion). Make sense?



Click here for Dan's Article!




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