CF Games Open 14.4 Mobility & Recovery Tips

Welcome back! 2 More left!

14 Min. AMRAP:

60 cal row

50 toes-to-bar

40 wall-ball shots, 20/14 lb. 10'/9' target

30 cleans, 135/95 lb.

20 muscle-ups



Efficiency is the name of the game on this one. For those of you with short hammy's and poor hip flexion the TTB are going to be a bit of trouble. But not to worry! Here are some tips to follow to help increase your range of motion and easily assume proper positions so you can save as much energy as possible!


The tighter your hamstrings the harder it is going to be to keep your back flat for the row and raise your toes to the bar. Give these exercises a whirl before hand and see if you can find any improvement.




Next. To help easily drop into the squat for the wallball as well as setting up for the power cleans. I highly recommend these two.


Now that our hips are nice and mobile. Let's get our shoulder ready for all the overhead work. You'll be hanging from the bar, throwing overhead, in a front rack with a barbell, as well as hanging from rings. Open up your shoulder flexion with these two examples using a stretch band. Remember, the easier it is to move your arms overhead, the less your shoulders will burn up. 

Finally, for those of you who plan on getting some muscle-ups. Open up your shoulder extension to help you land in a better position in the ring dip portion of the muscle-up. Don't let the ring dip be the limiter on this movement. It's to have worked hard enough to make it up to the rings and then fail the dip. Take a look.



Soft tissue prep AND cool down: Lats, Shoulders and Forearms. Be sure to give the hip flexors some love too.


For some movement and pacing strategy, check out Barbell Shrugged's video!


Hope this helps and good luck!



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