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CF Games Open 14.2 Mobility & Recovery Tips

This week's CFG Open workout is a couplet of some pretty complex movements. Here are a few suggestions on how to best prep for these so you can get the most out of your performance. Most of the world is going to be limited by how many chest-to-bar pullups they can do, so let's try to move as efficiently as possible on the overhead squats to get the most out of our pullups. 


Overhead Squats: Shoulders or ankles. Which one will be the limiter? Well it certainly isn't going to hurt mobilize both of them. Starting with the ankles: Put on your weightlifting shoes if you have a pair. The elevated heel will help dramatically. If you still have some ankle issues, I have two examples here on how to mobilize. Try these out beforehand and see if you can notice a difference in sitting in the bottom of the squat.



Next, your thoracic spine. Tied in with your shoulders, this is a large limiter in overhead mobility. If you have issues extending your t-spine, give this mobilization a shot to help open up and see if it helps support the weight over head a little more comfortably.  


Finally, your shoulders, or getting your hands over head. As well as shoulder extension, or bringing your elbows back when you hit your chest to the bar in a pullup.

Shoulder flexion is going to play a part in both movements. Obviously for holding the bar overhead, but also for full extension in the bottom of the pullups. Here are a few more mobilizations to help decrease that overhead resistance. Grab your handy stretch band and get to work. Remember to try and tie your lats into it. Grab a lacrosse ball and smash your pecs to help loosen up the front too!

Shoulder Extension: Make it as easy as possible to get your chest up to the bar. 



A few more suggestions. Don't waste too many reps warming up for the CTB pullups. Also, don't be scared of short sets. Most likely you will know what round you are going to end in, so be ready to knock out fast singles as quickly as possible all the way to the buzzer. 


Recovery: Give your lats, and quads some soft tissue love with the foam roller when this is all said and done. Likely chance is, 90% of the community will be redoing it anyway, so why not join? Prep yourself for your next attempt. Grab a lacrosse ball as well and help relax your forearms and delts.







Hope this helps and good luck!