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Why a screen is so important!

Hey Everyone,

Let's talk a little about the importance getting a high quality movement screen. 

But first, what does that even mean? High quality? Ok, maybe I mean "Full Depth, All Inclusive".  I mean run yourself through a test, to evaluate your movement quality and functionality based on your training goals. The last part of that statement is uber freakin' important. 

My dog just farted, gross. 

Ok, back to it. How this "screen" is formed should be based on the individuals needs.

I wish there was a cookie cutter approach for everyone. There kind of is. The FMS (Functional Movement Screen) is a great evaluation test. It sets a standard, gives you a simple score to try to improve on and brings to light weaknesses and imbalances for basic movement. It's beautiful because it's easily measurable and repeatable. You can retest and track progress very easily.

But, it does NOT diagnose those problems. That is where you need to either A) see a Doc or PT if you are in pain, or b) find a good coach to help write some corrective exercises to fix those weaknesses & imbalances. Sometimes you'll have to narrow down and test the joints/tissues themselves.

For my clients, my movement screen varies. After we have a talk about what the goals are, the process changes. I'm not going to run my Grandmother through the exact same testing process as a CrossFit Games hopeful. Sure, some of the pieces might be the same, but others drastically different. I just need to know if they are functional based on their goals. Then the training plan starts to develop. 

If you're a coach who is just now getting in to building a screen or an assessment process for you and/or your clients, start simple. Just ask yourself, what does this client NEED to be able to do? Don't overcomplicate it. Don't use any tests that you're not sure what they are for. Make it repeatable. You need to be able to retest for improvement. Make sense?

It's not going to be perfect right away. I'm still building and adding to mine. It gets cleaner, simpler, faster, and more accurate as I go. 

Just thought I'd share this with you. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

Thanks for reading. Sorry about the dog.