Spider Man Wrist Mobilization!

If you're like me, and experience some wrist pain while in extension (in a front rack with a barbell or holding a handstand) check out this video on a neat trick to help loosen up your wrist before and after training.
Typically, this pain is cause from a lack of shoulder mobility, or tight and overworked wrist extensors. It's good to address those issues first via some form of soft tissue in the forearm or using a banded wrist extension/dorsiflexion mobilization.
Like so...

Why a screen is so important!

Hey Everyone,

Let's talk a little about the importance getting a high quality movement screen. 

But first, what does that even mean? High quality? Ok, maybe I mean "Full Depth, All Inclusive".  I mean run yourself through a test, to evaluate your movement quality and functionality based on your training goals. The last part of that statement is uber freakin' important. 

My dog just farted, gross. 

Ok, back to it. How this "screen" is formed should be based on the individuals needs.

I wish there was a cookie cutter approach for everyone. There kind of is. The FMS (Functional Movement Screen) is a great...

Call Out Challenge! - Week 2 - Forward Wall Ball

Chest Forward Wall Ball

Once again, very similar to last week, we’re going to address a chest forward fault in a wall ball. 

First again, check motor control. Knees out, chest up, shoulders back and externally rotated.

Watch this vid to see how to fix it!
Quick recap:

Tight Ankles - Foam roll the heel cords, then hit...

Weekly Call Out!

Front Squat Nightmare!

If you've landed here it probably means you or someone you know is suffering from the chest forward fault in a front squat. Check out this vid to learn how to fix it!



Quick recap:
Check if it's a motor control issue by simply asking them if they can get their elbows and chest up. 
A lot of times, the set up is correct, which shows it's not necessarily a...

How to smash your hip flexors using a crutch?

Here's a few interesting and effective ways to use some random objects to smash your hip flexors. Grab a buddy or do it yourself! Spend a few minutes on each side working the tissues and see if you can loosen up your desk hips.


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